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          8 pieces

        1. Product description
        2. Precautions
        3. Storage and transport of products
        4. Usage method
        5. Features & Benefits
        6. Product description:

          Waterborne Polyurethane condoms are made from Waterborne polyurethane and cover-shaped of films with curled selvedge at the open and seminal vesicle at the head. They are mainly used to prevent the fertilization of eggs and sperms of humankind, as a means to reduce the pregnancy rate and thus effectively prevent the sexually transmitted disease.

          Matters needing attention:

          ※Reuse is not suggested.Lubricants are already added. For any additional need, please adopt the lubricants of appropriate types which are suggested and can be used simultaneously such as waterborne lubricants. Petroleum-based lubricants shall be avoided for any use.For any problems relevant to drug use, please do not hesitate to consult Specialist Physicians.In any case that products are subject to extreme dry and obviously damage, please stop using.In any case that broken holes, cracks or damages are found in the package, please stop using.For any use other than vaginal intercourse, products are more likely to be damaged or slipped off.In any case that expiry date is due, please stop using。Up till now by no means can sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy be 100% prevented.  

          Storage and transport of products:

          Please store the products in a place where is dry and cool. Ensure their package intact and undamaged in case products are subject to mechanical damage and direct sun exposure.

          Usage method:

          Use a new condom for each act of sex. Tear open the package carefully. Do not use fingernails, teeth, or anything that can damage the condom.

          Before any sexual contact, place the condom on the head of the erect penis with the rolled side out.Lesions, pre-ejaculate secretions, semen, vaginal secretions and blood can all transmit infectious organisms.

          Please check whether the curled selvedge at the tails is exposed in the air. If not, condoms are wore backward by mistakes. Please push out the air which is stored in the seminal vesicle at the head.

          Unroll or pull the condom all the way to the base of the erect penis. In any case the condom is partly off during intercourse, please instantly put it back in the original position. If the condom is slipped off, throw it away and start over with a new condom.

          Immediately after ejaculation, hold the rim of the condom in place and withdraw the penis while it is still erect. Avoid spilling semen. Dispose of a used condom by wrapping it in tissue and throwing it into the trash. Wash your hands with soap and water.

          Product advantage:


          0.01mm/0.02mm, about 1/3-1/5 of latex condom, equivalent to the thickness of a soap bubble.

          Fast heat conduct:

          Fast heat conduct improving the body temperature transmission.


          Soft, fine and smooth WPU material enabling direct skin contact experience.


          Seamless fit and high density providing an effective barrier for HPV,HIV and HBV virus and protecting health of you and your partner.


          Waterborne polyurethane material avoiding protein allergy.

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