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        1. Brand Story
        2. Development History
        3. Brand Story

          Made in China

          Prior to the début of Zoncome, only two international condom manufacturers are capable to develop the polyurethane technology. Their products are so well received in the market that they are frequently out-of-stock due to the frenzy purchase of the Chinese, which is deemed as the “stigma of the Chinese Enterprises”.

          The Ketian Heath Technology team,after dedicated research of 30 years,now successfully developed the ultra-thin waterborne polyurethane condom with the thickness of mere 0.01mm. The performance stands out in the international standard. As such, China has ever since possessed its national brand of waterborne polyurethane condom of high quality and reliable performance

          Meanwhile, with the Chinese national first waterborne polyurethane production line with the capacity of 100 thousand tons, the Lanzhou Ketian Heath Technology Co.,Ltd which is affiliated to the Ketian Group, stands out as the world first company to command the dual technologies of waterborne polyurethane production and waterborne polyurethane condom manufacture.Zoncome demonstrates the scientific and technologic innovation capacity of the Lanzhou Scisky Health Technology Co.,Ld and represents itself the dual concept of Made in China and Scientific and Technological Innovation。

          While catering to the needs of quality, health and safety of consumers with the further market penetration, products of Zoncome 001series shall redefine the industrial standard and lead the industrial new fashion, thus realizing the ultimate vision of “ Letting Scientific and Technological Innovation Make a Better China”

          Development History
          • 2017.5.20

            The Brand launch ceremony was held on May 20th 2017 in Shanghai on 2017.5.20th.

          • 2017.5.20

            Zoncome entered into the strategic collaboration with the Huston Rocket on May 20th 2017 and was selected as the official cooperative partner and designated product.

          • 2018.1.8

            Lanzhou Ketian Health launched its waterborne polyurethane condom production base in lanzhou with the annual capacity of one billion on January 8th, 2018.

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